Survive (In English)


A global terrorist organization poisons the New York City water supply with a deadly form of vibrio cholerae, resulting in mass hysteria, mayhem and brutal carnage. Those infected by the tainted water quickly succumb to the deadly bacteria, only to become reanimated moments after their death. The resurrected dead are transformed into cannibalistic killing machines, hell bent on slaughtering anything that breathes. As legions of the undead feast on the flesh of the living, the city is quickly placed under quarantine. Eight desperate strangers seek refuge in a house, hoping to live through the undead plague. Adrian and David are two young teenagers, separated from their families and on the run. They are saved from the jaws of death one night by USMC Sergeant Vincent Tyrell. The trio soon find themselves holed up in a random house, seeking refuge along with the brave Matt Ferrier, the kind natured Mama Rose, the greedy car salesman Peter Damian and the dooms day prophet Father Albin Matteo and his follower Angel. With little to no food or supplies, the eight strangers brought together by the zombie holocaust must find a way to survive. They quickly find out however, that surviving each other might be just as deadly as surviving the undead hordes!

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Mobie Detail
Shadow Vision


Liam Makrogiannis, Johnny Dickie, Stephen Kilcullen

Shadow Vision


Liam Makrogiannis

Shadow Vision

Release Date:

May 26, 2014

Shadow Vision



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